Where is the user guide?

Ok, so I have found a very old version 1.0 copy, but its so old its not super useful.

What Im after is a user guide. With fun topics such as. Edit options, swap shooter scores, swap squads, how to add a walk on etc.


I wrote one long ago. But enough changed that it’s no longer operative. In terms of updating it, we instead focus on just having it be safe to explore. We won’t be writing a user guide, but will be writing How To articles on specific parts of the system - aimed at uses cases vs general functionality.

– Ken N.

@KenNelson I couldn’t find details and introduction about creating/cloning matches anywhere. Though it was in the original user guide and those concepts hasn’t changed since.

It seem like new users are still getting confused about match, stage and shooter identities in the app. Neither of those are based on names, e.g. changing match name on device or on a web site doesn’t make it a different match.

The tutorials section is the current and best place for you to find info about running the systems.
But if you do not find something just create a topic and ask the question. One of the PS experts will get you and answer!!