Where/how to change user name used for log into PS?

I want to change the email address that I use to log in to PS to another address. Several attempts to do so result in website response; Email is already used on another account. I can’t find where.

So you changed your email under your settings in your account and it will not allow you to save the new email?

That’s right. I went to PS>Edit settings>Account, typed in the new email, keyed blue Save Account Settings button and was greeted with the error msg.

I emailed you.

You already have a second account using the [email protected] email.
That is why you cannot change your [email protected] account email to this other.

Thanks for your help sorting this out. I don’t recall setting up a second account. I don’t know the password so I asked via PS for password to get it reset and then I will make the needed changes.

I’ll get your other account a new password and email it to you.
Be just a few hours.

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OK, check back here later

Done and email sent to you.

Let’s close this ticket. Thanks for help and patience finding the extra account which I deleted and changed the primary email on remaining account to be *****@gmail.com to ensure getting match admin msg.