Where do I find our 'Club ID'

Hi All

I want to upload my recent match scores but the app is asking me for a ‘Club ID’.
I can’t find this anywhere on the club page.
I’ve ignored this in the past and just uploaded the scores and then hunted around until I found them on the website. It would be better if they were linked to our club page.
Any help much appreciated.


Club ID is not really necessary.
If you created the match via your Practiscore Club, then post the match it will be connected to your PS club.
Normally, most folks don’t go to the club page to find results.
They just enter the name of the match they are looking for in the scores area of the web site.

For example the Average Joe’s matches here in Nashville.

If the shooter goes to the club page they will see the past matches here.

To add to that. The club id is normally is not the PractiScore club id, but id of the club as tracked with your organization affiliation (e.g. IDPA or USPSA).

For USPSA tat club id goes into the results file for USPSA, but I don’t think IDPA has that with their results uploads.

Thanks guys

I’ve got it sorted. When I uploaded the scores it gave me the option to tag the match to my club so all done now.