Where did the penalties/bonus time come from when stage(s) not loaded to match?

The match director forgot or didn’t know to load the stages to primary tablet before sync it to secondary tablets. So when we start shooting there were shooters in squads but no stages. I added five stages on the fly. My surprise was when the same penalties/bonus times appeared for every stage. All I did was add stage 1 thru 5. Where did those penalties come from as it made it possible to conduct the match without the stages loaded before getting started. I guess there is a data base of all the penalties/bonus times that our club might need for a given match. And that took over when a stage was setup.

Please email us the match export file *.psc at [email protected] and provide additional details on what penalties, competitors or scores doesn’t look right to you.

I not able to email the match export file *.psc at this time. There was nothing that “didn’t look right…” I was just surprised and grateful that what showed up was just what was needed. Could it be there was a default template on our club master tablet that someone setup just any and all penalties/bonus times that could ever be needed. So if a someone created a stage then all the penalties etc would appear so nothing left out. Just guessing.

Generally. In a timeplus scoring, penalties are part of the match configuration. Not part of the stages.

If timeplis match was created locally on device and selected template didn’t have penalties, the Android app uses penalties from the last created match. Otherwise penalties come from selected match template.

You can create your own custom templates on device (but not on the website) if there is something non standard is specific for your club and then use those when creating your matches.

A ha. I think I have got it. You wrote, “…Android app uses penalties from the last created match.” When we added 5 stages with no description the app found a prior match with penalties/bonus times and made it part of current match. I will try to recreate it on club’s tablet for future reference. All’s good. Let’s close the topic.

No. By the time you add stages all penalties are already there. They created at the time match is created and they can only edited before scoring started or match is synced or exported.

So penalties are created at time match was created. That gives me clues as to who and when all the penalties were setup. That’s a good thing. Until I can get back to range in 2 weeks I won’t have anything further to add to this topic. Topic can be closed if appropriate.