When creating IDPA match, IPSC setting are in

When I try to setup a simple IDPA match (on iphone), it takes some IPSC settings, like hit factor. When I change it to IDPA, then only PCC divisions are visible.

Is this a bug or do I something wrong?
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Are you using the pin to pull the match registration information?

You can change the match type by hitting the “hit factor” and changing it to a different discipline.

I have experienced this issue a couple of times. The first was in January and I did not notice the problem until I was having trouble during registration finding divisions and classifications for IDPA when I realized the match was set up for Hit Factor.

Yesterday, I set up a new IDPA match on my iOS master tablet and was very careful in selecting the correct sport. I hit IDPA and received a new menu for which type of IDPA match I wanted to set up. When I hit standard match , the system created a Hit Factor match.

I deleted that match and tried a second time and the same thing occurred.
This time I edited the match and changed it over to IDPA.

This is a bug.

First question, are you not importing registration via the PIN number to create a match and import the shooters?
If not, then when you create a match on an iOS tablet when you choose IDPA as a match type you will see this window.

You should be choosing IDPA 2022 as your match type. It is the current version. At some point the other version will be gone but not at this time. That will fix your Hit Factor issue.

Interesting idea if I understand you correctly.

In the cases I reported here, I have created the match in my master tablet, then use the pin to import the registered shooters.

That said, I did click the IDPA (2022) button and ended up with Hit Factor.

Let me do this, I when I have a moment, I will create a new match and screenshot the process.
This is the type of problem where I want to be sure I was not fat fingering at speed. I thought I was careful the last time, but I didnt grab screenshots.

I have an open match in my master and this might have cleared out any previous errors. But I will try to set up a new match and capture more details.

Creating the match first in the tablet is where you’re going wrong. Pull the PIN and let it create the match for you. Then build your stages. Once you pull the PIN you don’t do anything from the website after that and all changes are made on the master tablet from then on.
You already have a match ID number in the background when it’s created on the website. When you create one independently on the tablet now you’ve got two match unique IDs.
It causes problems now and then.

OK understood. I will keep with that process going forward.
I went back to my master and now realize that I hit the IDPA and not IDPA (2022) button.
This is how we end up with Hit Factor.

I will use the web PIN now.
Good help and thank you.

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