When cloning match including shooters, one shooter doesn't squad

When cloning a match on the web, I have found that always just one shooter’s squad gets lost in the clone. It is not the same shooter every time. Here is an example. Please let me know if you need any additional information!

And exactly how old is the original match being cloned?

Probably about 6 months old.

99% there’s your problem.
You know we reccomend never using a clone for more than 2months. Or it causes issues just like this.
Personally, I never clone.

Ok, thanks. By the way, when creating a match from scratch, do you always need to create the registration form from scratch? Or is there a way to do registration form templates that can carry over to a “fresh” match?

You’ll need to do the registration form from scratch too.

Hi Steph! :rofl:

Hi! :rofl:
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