What Match Type Should I use!

Hello, I have been using Practiscore for several years now but the only matches I run are PRS Centerfire and PRS 22 matches. I would like to start a new series for Long Range Precision AR-15. I would like for it to score like a PRS match, meaning points for impacts but I would like to give a bonus for finishing the stage quickly, example - (5 seconds early equals 1 point, 10 seconds early equals 2 points). I have looked at most of the match types but haven’t found anything that works, Any help appreciated! Thanks

So I went back and did a little research on past matches.
There is not a way to have points hit as primary scoring with time involved as a secondary “bonus” item.

There was a Long Range series at Rockcastle 4 years ago. We did one match as std prs and one match as time plus on the clock.
The problem with std PRS is that it doesn’t really consider the volume of fire a Gas Gun can put down range.
On the match using Time Plus we gave a max mag capacity and you were on the clock with penalties coming for the targets not hit. (Theory being that you should hit them all) If I remember your mag capacity was 2 rounds per target so normally 20.

You can use Precision Rifle match type and turn on the “Requires time” switch for every stage.
It will then not give bonus’s but will order all the shooters with the same times in place based on their time to complete the stage. This might work if you want to stick with the PRS mindset.

Check it all out.

Thank you D.J. it sounds like I need to rethink my match setup. I will take a look at the time plus match.

Don’t overlook the precision rifle type if you really believe in the match points thing

Take a look at NRL22 matches. It has at least one stage that involves recording time below maximum (a PAR time). It is used to record a time to hundredths of a second for tiebreakers.
[Levi Sanderson could potentially give you some pointers.]

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This is the answer. The NRL22format works well for this type of stage.

Hello D.J., I have a new question!

What is the best type of match to achieve the following:
Shooter has a choice to shoot any of 5 targets, each target is smaller than the previous target, the smaller the target the higher point value, so if a shooter want to shoot the smallest target 5 times he would get the most points possible.

I can change point value of targets in PRS scoring but I can not select it more than 1 shot.

Any help appreciated!

I just finished modifying the Precision Rifle match type to work for the IWI/Vortex Team challenge.
Their requirement was that each target could be shot up to 3 hits (unlimited rounds). 1st hit worth 2 points, 2nd or 3rd hits worth 1 point. After the 3rd hit (if it was hit 3 times) the target is no longer available. Now as it is par time, they don’t have to shoot each target till they hit it 3 times. If they want to find and shoot each target the first time they get max points then can come back and get 2nd and 3rd round hits they may as long as there is still time.
The big thing here is a max number of hits per target.
So I considered that each available point value makes the target unique. I created 3 targets with different point values per piece of steel.
Now the scoring window is a bit full but with only 3 targets (1.1, 1.2, 1.3 then 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc.) its not bad and is easy for the Scorer to keep track of.
If you limit the hits it is doable if you don’t then you can’t really build it to any number of hits.

Also, on iOS the scores default to a miss, which is what the MD wants, so the scorer only has to score “hit” targets. Currently on Android every target has to have a button press making it considerably more difficult. (Although we are looking to see if changing it is reasonably possible)

You may have been thinking of a target button that you could hit multiple times that would record different points values. That is much more in depth and we would have to create it which at this time is way down the road.
We feel we have created a good option with the thought that each target point value is its own target and will be scored as such. Anyhow folks at this match like it.
It takes a bit to create all the targets but you can clone the match or create a template once it built the first time then it just modifying each stage to your needs. This one has 20 target (or 60 scoring line items) plus 10 pistol targets.
I hope this gives you some ideas.

You can do any round count in the “NRA Action” match template.

I did some testing with your idea and it works great, I have 5 stages with 5 targets and the shooter has 7 rounds per stage so a total of 35 possible targets in PS. I was hoping for the auto Miss feature and only mark Hits, (we use Fire Tablets). Every match we be the same so the clone feature is great, if something changes about the Miss being automatic, please let me know. Thank you so much for your help! If you ever find your way to Mississippi, please come send some rounds with me!

I’m glad it works for you. :+1:t2: