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Hello NRL22 members and match directors!

Iā€™m happy to be partnered with PractiScore in regards to the NRL22 sport. I have been an active NRL22 shooter since 2018 and my first national level match of any discipline was the NRL22 National Championship in Las Vegas in 2019.

I have an active role in assisting match director Michael Millikan at Eagle Eye Shooting Complex in Mount Pleasant TN where the 2020 National Championship will be held and I am also the match director of my own match TN Rimfire NRL22 at Strategic Edge Gun Range in Chapel Hill, TN.

Do you have to build each stage individually or is there a template for the monthly COF



Hi @Chris_Irvin!

I actually pre-build the COF each month and you can download the pre-built COF with all the stages right from the monthly COF that is published on the NRL22 website.

There is a link on the first page. (I understand most people just zoom on past all those paragraphs and get to the good stuff lol)

Please let me know if you find it and if you are able to get it to work! :+1:

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