Website display issues with huge matches

I’m sure you guys know already, but the IDPA National Postal match has ~4500 folks in it, and the website isn’t showing the results.
Latest chrome, verified on windows and on mac.

inspecting in chrome looks like the match_scores.json is getting fetched, but the match_def.json isn’t showing up. I tried looking at some of my recent matches and found kind of what data they contain, so I’m guessing the page can’t display scores cuz it doesn’t have the stages or shooters from the match_def.json file

So we don’t really have any issues with large matches.
The complete IDPA postal match is available to view with the old style html results.

What we have going on with the IDPA postal match is many many matches being combined into one. Somewhere in one of the matches is one or two shooters that were included in one of the hundreds of matches that were either not IDPA members, legitimate IDPA members or just shouldn’t have been in the match.
These results with them included have broken the new style results so they do not show. The old style results still work.
I have answered one or two old help tickets on this subject and I believe they people involved communicated with IDPA the issue.
It would probably require corporate to go into all the match results and find the one or two shooters who do not belong then remove them.

The long term fix would probably require the person that administers the Postal to keep watch over each incoming match to look for any problems.

Hope that helps shed a little light.


makes sense. IDPA HQ did put out an FB post today that they’re starting the review process and nuking all the bad data, but that probably should have happened along the way.
Their instructions even asked Match Directors to police the results before sending them in. I know I did, took about 5 minutes. It’s both surprising and also not that folks just kinda of lazily sent in their data, especially since they said “don’t send us anybody that doesn’t have an IDPA number” and about 1000 results are nonidpa numbers and another few hundred have DNFs or incomplete scores.

Just want to mention PractiScore Competitor app has no issues loading this large match…

But in regards to managing and cleaning up match results that will be done in a PractiScore app where MD for that postal match can see incomplete scores and member numbers and remove these competitors from results.