Website and App Issues

Over the past year, I’ve noticed several issues with PS and it’s making continued use difficult. Here are just a few of the issues noticed:
Match Cloning - Data integrity is compromised when using event/match cloning tool. If it doesn’t work, remove the functionality.
Data Downloads - When downloading data for registered participants, not all of the data will come over into the CSV file and, in the sections that do, data is often shifted with no identifying corresponding headers.
Missing Events - Event’s have gone missing from search capability, as if being deleted after event creation.
COF PDF - When uploading COF PDF’s into the PS app on both Apple and Android tablets, the PDF’s sometimes fail to load.

I know PS is excited to roll out the new Apple Watch functionality but I’d strongly suggest repairing these issues, and others, before rolling out a new function and app type.


Chris Jones
Frustrated MD

@Chris_Jones thank you for reporting. However this report is too generic. Please provide details, specifics and exact steps to reproduce each individual issue.