Web Site Support (or lack of)

There is NO way to contact Practiscore with registraation issues and other issues. There needs to be a link to allow members to contact support. I had an issue last month registering for a match. Dang sw inserted wifes name instead of mine. There was NO WAY to contact support to get it fixed.


Hi Patrick!
This is our support forum, it’s linked on the “Support” button on the banner at the top of the website☺️ For issues like you mentioned, if you cannot do it from your shooter’s dashboard, the best thing to do would be to contact your match director and ask them to change it, as it may be due to registration closing.

Keep in mind that we don’t control the match registrations or even actually run the matches.
When you have problems like you seem to have described in your message the proper procedure is to contact the match director as they control those items.

Strangely enough, the personal match registration page does allow competitor to change name and other registration info. Link to that page is in the confirmation email web site sends.

I replied to your community page but my message came back as undeliverable. Why???

Did you attempt to reply via email rather than through here? If you did- that does not work as it’s just to notify you of a reply, similar to how PS sends you a confirmation of a match registration.

Still don’t understand the “system”. Why send something out that I cannot reply to? makes no sense to me why it is even sent out. Very confusing.


We do not personally have control over it, as it isn’t our program on this particular forum. You may be able to change it in your account settings on here. As for the Practiscore one, it functions as a sort of receipt you can reference for your match info.

There is also a button on the bottom of the support forum emails that say “Visit topic to respond”, and you can click the “Visit Topic” part to get back here.

It is an email notification.
Most forums do this for members on threads they have started or commented on.

Still makes no snese to me. I am a memeber of a number of gun formums and yours is the only one that makes repling to a post so difficult. Please unsubscribe me from what ever this forum is. I really think the powers to be need to re-look at the system you are using.

Thanks, Pat

This is what the “Visit Topic” button looks like. As I mentioned, you may be able to manage your notifications via your account here.