Web Report for USPSA match does not include competitor that had reshoot

For this match here:

Flanagan, Joseph had a reshoot for one of the classifiers in the match, for which I entered his second entry per the video that USPSA has on their site (created a second entry in new squad). In the web report export, his total time shows up for both entries, however, he has no stage times, both entries are excluded from all the individual stage data. USPSA can’t help because they said it’s a practiscore issue (even though they made me pay for both entries of course when I uploaded to report). Hoping to get help with a way to fix the match so the web report comes out correctly and the competitor can get his classification times.

Thanks - Jeff

We have a few people looking at this.
It might take a day or two but they will reach out to you.
@euxx @Russell_Armstrong @Jeff_Krammer

Part of it could be the walk-in flag on one of the entries. But I don’t think that is the only issue.

Hi - thanks for looking at it, I only added the walk-on flag because the primary tablet kept merging the 2 scores for the stage he re-shot as soon as I synced the results from all the tablets. I did try removing the walk-on flag and hitting cancel to the merge message so it left it alone, uploaded the update but when I exported the web file it was still missing the individual stage scores for Joe.

Please send an email to [email protected]. I have generated the upload file for you, but I need your email address to send it.

Thanks for sending the file Russell - I’ve uploaded it to USPSA and the problem is fixed.

Any idea what I did wrong when I made the re-shoot entry (or need to do differently).

Thanks again - Jeff