Want app to calculate all hits in less than allotted time gets points addition

Hits get points added more points the better you do, so points are good, like bowling. In one stage time is 120 seconds to get 10 hits; however if you complete early, the difference between max time and your time is added to score. How do I get app and computer to automatically do this?
Example: shooter #1 hits all 10 for 100 points in 120 flat, so 100 points.
Shooter #2 hits all 10 for 100 points but in a time of 110.9 seconds. How do i get the computer to automatically add the 9.1 seconds for a score of 109.1?
Is there a calculation or formula that will subtract the time entered subtract from time 120 seconds and add as a bonus as a varying time? 120 minus time to shoot stage 110.9 and add difference 9.1 to hit scores 10 x 10 for stage result of plus 109.1 all automatically within Practiscore? (Manual method increases scoring errors!)

I moved this to ideas category.

For one-off matches you may want to consider using existing/common scoring options vs creating your own scoring that is used for a limited number of matches.

Each new scoring option is a substantial development and then we’d have to maintain it.

Ok its match time and I am totally unable to devise, workaround, conjure up a way to add points into the match stage!!!
On one stage I include “time required” with 120 secs PAR time as a positive add to hit points; However, nothing I do, will give me any understandable math (think its hit factor garble-d-gook results) So your answer was ‘next time’, maybe!
So my solution will have to be that I do the math manually piece of paper & pencil and come up with a number, i.e. 9.54 WHERE OR HOW DO I ENTER THESE DIGITS TO Practiscore to add to that shooters stage or overall score??? It seems to me that I could go to a drop down and say, Time in standard math and I put in something and it adds or subtracts OR just plain type in some number to add to a score.
If my solution could be to write it on paper and at final results I check every score to see how these numbers affect end results??? But I don’t have weekend to declare Top Gun and places! sorry I am so frustrated, when I thought I could use required time!! but in running a test scoring event, I got the hit factor garbage! ‘’’‘Uncle’’’’

@Dallas_Sharp I’m not sure what your question is.

If I understand your last comment, you are still want to use your scoring math and trying to bend something (and you are not telling us what) in the PractiScore app to that math of yours. If that is the case, I don’t know if that is going to work in the app.

So, you have two main choices:

  • Score on paper and do your match in Excel
  • OR take one of the commonly understood scoring types and configure your match around it in the app. For example, a “Timeplus with Points” or “Timeplus” may work similar to what you originally described. E.g. it already takes time into account (faster is better) and you can add time-based penalties for bad hits (so better hits will give the better final time). The ICORE and IDPA scoring/match types are are also derived of “Timeplus” and are using some sport-specific time-based penalties for target scoring.

Thanks a million for responding.
I thought I could use “time required” and get either something “Timeplus with Points” or “Timeplus”; however, the product type/entered in the time location results in hit factor result, I think? I just want to somehow enter the a number that will add to points if shooter performs ‘faster is better’.
So after calming down, I believe I have a near solution, not great but caveman math. I am going to add a target whose value is 1 sec per hit. Scorekeeper will subtract on paper and record the times to 0.00. Then enter the units in 1 second increments (In my example, just the 9 will be added, not hundredths .54). I will manually use the hundredths of a second to break ties if necessary, the hundredths just won’t be on scoring, but a note if used.
I even bought a Bluetooth timer to facilitate this but it doesn’t change my manual results.

Timeplus (& minus) points like Cowboy Action / SASS uses would work, if I could just get it into stage based on NRL22 setup. My need is really simple, give a vehicle to put time faster than PAR as digits added to hit points. Number,00 plus whole number equals results total to the hundredths.

Use “time required” in what match type and what stage scoring type?

I don’t think we have anything like that in the app for any scoring.

However you are still trying to bend time-based scoring with a custom-entered time-derivative. Those time-based scorings already have the “faster is better” factor just because time is measured.

The accuracy part is done by time-based penalties. Basically adding time for bad hits.

It is kinda backwards to what you trying to do, but the end results should behave along the lines of what you trying to achieve.

Then if you want that final stage time to be per-stage point based, you can use Timeplus with point and assign point value to each stage (it defaulted to 100 points).

can you tell us exactly what you are wanting to do and how you are wanting to score something? Because through all of this I can’t really interpret exactly what you’re wanting to do.
There may totally be some existing stuff, and probably is that will do 99% of what you’re wanting.

I checked “Requires Time”. This puts an entry line for time on ‘scoring page’ and when you have "hits valued at a number’ which happens to be 10 hits at 10 points each = 100 points, then time number (example below 89.5 or subtracted on paper 30.5) is entered, it manipulates the points (unfortunately hit factor). Using NRL22 basis, not USPSA

D.J. — simple
shooter has 10 target each worth 10 points and 120 seconds to complete stage. If shooter ‘goes fast’ and completes stage in less than 120 seconds, the time saved is added to points. Scoring is most points, like bowling. All 10 tgts equals 100 pts and if she goes fast and finishes in 89.5 seconds, then I would like to add 30.5 ticks/seconds to give shooter stage score of 130.5
my work around solution is a hit counter in 1 tick/point which would add 30 to the 100 and just easter egg the 0.5. Match in 7 days.