Waiver Formatting

Im using a waiver on my match registration forms and I’m running into formatting issues. It turns into a text wall and all paragraphs and indents etc are removed. Do I need to use HTML formatting to keep page breaks in place? I’d like to pretty this up and make it more readable.

We will look at this today.

Thanks D.J.!

Please let me know if you need me to provide any club information for you to view the waiver. It could very well be an issue on my end or the way I do it since I copy and paste the text data in.

Here is the answer from the Web dept.
“Waiver is just set as a paragraph field in html. There is no formatting. We will add it to the list for when we get back to practiscore.”
So, you will probably see something happen to it on the next PS update but that is probably a few months down the road.

On that note; I have an idea for a tutorial I will work on about easy ways to do the waiver thing.

Great thanks for the fast response!

Hi @Nathan_Blaede,

If you want to add breaks/line spacing between areas on your waiver, you can use
in the HTML formatting and it’ll space the information out too.