Waiver Back Up Question

My club is asking if I can provide them a copy of the shooters registration and waiver acknowledgment. I have the waiver on our site. How can I provide that to my Board of Directors?


You can share the actual written waiver with them from what you added to registration.
The list of shooters who signed is in the registration spreadsheet.
Log into the club and go to the match. Choose the Approve/View shooters section

Then export the All Data spreadsheet.

In the spreadsheet it will list the day and date timestamp when each shooter signed the waiver. (Column AA in your case)

Accepted Waiver
7/4/2022 13:46
7/4/2022 18:26
7/4/2022 19:50
7/4/2022 19:52
7/4/2022 20:53
7/5/2022 1:17
7/5/2022 12:51
7/5/2022 14:17
7/5/2022 15:35