Viewing Remaining Shooters

Good afternoon,

We just started using Practiscore for our matches last year.
The transition went very well and everyone has been pleased with everything from registration to the posting of results.
One question we’ve had as Range Officers, is there a way to see only a list of shooters who have not shot a particular course?
We have three ranges and don’t use squads (a battle for another day).
Currently, I just leave it on “All Shooters” and work from that list, but just wanted to see if there’s another way that might shorten the list as we go.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have and thanks for a great app!

@Chris_Vance you can sort by “Hit Factor” or “Time” depending on scoring type.

Also there is Search and filtering options in PractiScore apps. Look for “incomplete” there.

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Depending on what device you’re using, if you sync scores on an iOS, you can use the “Match Progress” “detail report” to see what squads/shooters still have what stages to shoot.

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