View score diffence?

Trying to understand why the view division scores does not show all shooters?
Only some of the shooters in a given division are shown?
On the android they are shown?

Some context would help. E.g. link to the results posted at the PractiScore website oratch export files *.psc from both uos and android apps where you see the difference.

There are thirty one shooters in four divisions in the match.
On emaiing results to all, the matchresultscombined.pdf scores lists all the shooters
however the matchresultsbydivision.pdf shows the four divisions but not all shooters are shown. Only a total 18 of the 31 are shown in the four divisions. Divisions showing
8 of 15, 7 of 9, 2 of 3, 1 of 2
Hopefully I cleared the mud little?

What is viewable when you post results to the Practiscore website???

I’m also guessing that this is on the iOS platform since it is in the iOS section?

I’m using IOS to e mail all shooters. On the website only the combined results are shown.

I had not tried to email from the android before as it only allows a single recipient.
I just tried the android and all shooters came through correctly in the divisions as would be expected.

What’s the name of the posted match?

KFGC Action Pistol Match Oct. 2, 2021

OK so looking on the website results it shows the overall. you have to sort it by divisions if you want to see the division breakout and then you can change it by overall or by stages.
all 31 Shooters are there

The reason your division class report is not right it’s because you have a bunch of shooters with invalid class. So it won’t pull them.
But really why are they emailing? Email everybody the link to the website and they can find it anywhere or any time.

Invalid class was indeed the problem. Thank you!
The confusing part was two things. Android did not have a problem.
Second was that all shooters did show the UN class?
It’s all good. I now have a better idea of what to look for in the future.
Regarding the email, first it’s a hold over (it’s what they are used to), second less keyboard activity to send it on the IOS. And then there are those that are having difficulty navigating the website. I first have to get participants to use the website to register. I believe we’ll get there in time.
Thank you for the help. Very much appreciated!!!