Video mirrored on iOS using "selfie" camera

This past week, I used the Practiscore Log app to record a practice session. I used the video feature recording feature with my timer, and I selected the forward-facing “selfie” camera to record.

Everything worked as described in the manual except that the recorded video is mirrored. I can flip it around afterwards, but then the displayed times are obviously backwards.

Device info: iPhone 13 Pro
iOS version: 16.6
Practiscore Log version: 1.6.4+80

I just looked these up now, it’s possible that a Practiscore Log update was pushed between practice on Saturday and checking today.

I will look into that. Though this is coming from the system camera component which currently doesn’t offer an option to mirror captured video.

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I may just elect not to use the forward-facing camera as a workaround.