Various issues and missing functionality


  1. Calendar in the dashboard is populating the same match 7x times, brought this up months ago with no change to the system.

  2. When searching for matches, sometimes only a small portion of states populate into the filters.

  3. Steel challenge scores do not have an overall for the entire match, additionally you cannot see all of your stage scores on 1 page, you have to click on each stage one at a time to see the scores. USPSA as an example allows you to do this.

  4. Entering your USPSA membership ID in your profile does nothing when signing up for a match, This is listed as a sport profile. This should be automatically populating to any USPSA match that you sign up for, and in addition your current class should also be able to be populated into your profile and automatically added to any relevant match you sign up for.

5.Under Match type there are multiples of the same sport named differently, as an example there is “Steel Challenge: Default” and “Steel Challenge: Blank”, these should just be listed as “Steel Challenge”
Multiples of the same Match Type

  1. When looking at past matches completed. there should be filters to show them listed by the sport types and have columns that show what place you got overall, division and class. Additionally the columns on this page should be broken out to show “Sport” , “Club”, “Date” vs collapsing them all together into a long name.

  2. Having a saved location like state or city so that your default Match search populates that first to the top and has relevant filterch checked on, including only showing clubs you follow as a filter option. (i.e. setting your favorate store when on best buy or walmart so it shows that first)

  3. On the Search matches page, show the “Only XX spots left!” so that we dont have to click into each match to see whats full vs what has space. as well as showing the match fees. and club page link. There is ample space to add these couple of items for quick information.

  4. Add API and or SDK for 3rd party developers to create or add their own tools/views/widgets, lots of people have asked for this and many of us want better functionality from practiscore. It would be great to make our own tools and filters or even a way to populate scores and compare states in different ways that are not being provided.

  5. Better filtering overall for searching matches. setting date/time ranges. Matches pricing, distances from home club or specified location, amount of stages, or ammo requirements for matches, match capacities or matches that are full. and im sure there are some i have missed.

  6. We all know this is a free service but It is the main tool that all shooting competitions are using, when people have asked to help its been shudown multiple times as well as people asking for API/SDK. So please listen to the community and make changes or allow others to help.

Duplicated matches was communicated in February 2023, this is far too long to not have this resolved yet.