Uuid mismatch when pulling to master

Encountered this issue yesterday. We had pulled data from a kindle early in the match. At the end of the match any attempts to sync the data resulted in a “uuid mismatch. Unknown device”. I could not figure out what was going on and ended up manually re-entering all the scores for that stage.

Can anyone explain what happened or how to work around it next time?

That error wording been there for over a decade now. What it means is that a match or device you pulled from isn’t the expected one.

Usually that happens when a device’s IP address changes (e.g. in technical terms, the WiFi network DHCP lease expires and device gets a new IP address if it can’t renew an existing one).

When this happens you need to delete devices from the saved list on the Sync screen and do a fresh Scan or manually enter the new device’s sync codes.

To make the above easier to handle, we also strongly recommend to assign distinguishable names to your tablets (and also add a matching physical label to them). E.g. it is a good idea to name your tablets as per stages they are used at.