USPSA rules document broken

When making a new USPSA match, the rules document is broken. I suspect it is an html file instead of a pdf and opens with a corrupted or damaged message. Looks very similar to when the rules are downloaded from the USPSA site using right click and save instead of opening the document and saving using Adobe.

USPSA Multigun is the same.

That is what you get when USPSA change location where they rule book is loaded from when they post a new revision instead of using a commonly known location.

That is until I get some free time to release a new app version. Unless you aren’t running the latest version of the PractiScore app.

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Yep. I am on 1.7.16, which should be current. More of an FYI to put in the queue to fix. Thanks!

Note that the match has to be created locally in 1.7.16 version of the app. Even the pin# from the PractiScore website will get you an old url because templates hasn’t been updated on the website.

I just added a document folder for USPSA to the tablet desktop. I store the most recent download of all the rules sets, a copy of the Production approved list & recent NROI opinions as searchable pdf files. It is just easier to minimize the Practiscore scoring screen to search the rules, because doing that from within the program has you leaving the scoring screen - and if you have started typing anything there, it counts as an “edit.” Once I see the rule I was looking up, A quick tap takes me right back to the scoring screen.

@Linda_Chico I’d be interested to hear which scoring screens in the app you may need to access the rule book from?

Do you think someone need to look at the rules while entering scores? If so, why that would be the case? Could you give some examples?

While scoring stages, shooters at our range have browsed the rulebook to settle disagreements about assessing procedural penalties. When you select “procedurals” from the scoring screen, a list of USPSA procedurals - with appropriate numeric references to the rules - pops up. If you need a more in depth explanation, you can refer to the rulebook using those numbers, but you have to close the scoring screen to do that. As I already mentioned, it is easier to minimize the screen & open a pdf file in my document folder.
I have older shooters who took the level 1 NROI course from USPSA ten or more years ago. I have newer shooters who have taken a class in the last year or two. Some older RO’s keep up with ruling changes, but several have not. And in the US we have a group we call “Range Lawyers.” You may not get those as much in Canada.
Two quick examples -

  1. A competitor shot a target meant to be activated, but prior to activation, because he found a “sweet spot” where he could see a portion of the target. The activating mechanism was not a scoring piece of steel - it was a closed window port. He never had to open the port. The discussion on the stage was if procedurals could be assessed for failing to activate the moving target. A check of rule 9.9.1 showed that carelessness during setup that allowed the entire upper A zone to be visible from a different location on the stage, changed the target from a designated “Disappearing and Appearing target,” to a “Non-disappearing and Visible Target.” So a procedural for violation of rule 9.9.4 for “Engagement of targets prior to activation” was NOT assessed.
  2. While shooting through a barrel that was supported by a wooden sawhorse, the competitor leaned both forearms and elbows on the sawhorse. Had to review the rule 10.2.1 to justify assessing procedurals for using the support of the sawhorse since the list in Practiscore refers to “10.2.1 Foot Fault.”

@Linda_Chico thank you for these details. Now, how about this? You can return back to the app the same way you do with your externally saving docs.

That looks great, but it is not available to me at this time. I checked my scoring tablets. See the two screenshots. We use Kindle Fire 7 at the range. As you can see from the first screenshot, we are on version 1.7.16, so we are up to date. As mentioned by others, USPSA rules do not load.

If I go to the scoring screen & select pocedurals, my list does not look like yours - wording is frequently different & “rules” does not appear at the bottom.

So I decided to check on my phone. The Kindles all have so much pre-loaded crap from Amazon, and I wanted to see if there was a difference with a straight up Android device. It is also the most recent upgrade (1.7.16) and, again, the USPSA rules do not load.

And when I check procedurals under the scoring screen, I still do not have the quick link to the rules & the wording on my procedural descriptions still do not match the ones in your example.

I understand that the error in uploading rules was because USPSA uploaded a new file and the Practiscore program still points to the location of the older file. Like when we get new classifiers or other USPSA updates, getting the info to the Practiscore designers does not seem to be a priority for USPSA. Accessing the rules easily from the scoring screen will be great once it works on my tablets. In the meantime, my work-around is the desktop documents file.

Linda, I just added this for the 1.7.17 app version. Will try to push a release in a next few days.

Ah! Sorry I misunderstood. I think that would be an excellent addition to the program. Thanks