USPSA Multigun Hit Factor Scoring

The recent USPSA multigun rule changes allow the use of hit factor scoring for 2-gun matches. The PS multigun scoring template only allows the use of time-plus scoring. What is the best work-around for this limitation?

Well since it’s a USPSA match
why don’t you use regular USPSA match type scoring? That will give you the Hit Factor scoring you want.

Yes, that does work. Perhaps PS will update the multigun template to allow hit factor scoring down the road.

Someone need to do the leg work to fill in the lists of MG-specific rules and all for that new match template…

Until that is done I’d recommend to base your template of the generic “Hit Factor” match template, so the penalties and other rules specific for pistol aren’t confusing. The match subtype may need to be set to “uspsa” in order to make posting of the scores to USPSA work.

Just a note. USPSA MultiGun Nationals uses Time plus Points as their scoring. :man_shrugging:

DJ, it is in the rule book. The all tree MG matches have to use the TimePlus scoring. But single/two gun matches can use either.

Our club has a preference for HF scoring. Since the recent rule change gave us the option, we decided to try HF for our upcoming level 1 two-gun match. So far using the USPSA affiliation instead of MG has not been a problem, as we do not have any special target scoring requirements. The only glitch is that the USPSA match structure allows the selection of minor/major scoring, while HF MG is limited to minor. Those shooters who don’t understand this and select major have to be edited before scoring the match.

@Myron_Hoefer I’d recommend to bring that to USPSA and have them to develop a new match template to be included with PractiScore apps and all. So, we won’t be doing a guess work for them.

I’m trying to set one up right now. I could just be done as regular hit factor except I can’t change the value of enhanced value steel at distance (as stated in rulebook

Since the template is not working for my 20 point 150 yard rifle target, I am going to add 3 more poppers to the stage in PS and treat that one target as 4. An miss on each of 4 poppers would be the same penalty value. Just need to make sure ROs understand it.

Let me just share that contrary to what everybody believes USPSA used time plus points for their most recent multigun Nationals. Rulebook or not, they realize the 3 gun community prefers time plus points.

Again, bring that with uspsa. We have support for double-value targets in the app and it is handled for ipsc match templates (those also tied up with the ipsc rulebook). Someone in uspsa hq need to take ownership of their own needs.

I am well aware that they used time plus at nationals. My USPSA club is hosting a Level I rifle/pistol match with hit factor scoring. We aren’t concerned with what traditional 3-gunners like nor is this match trying to attract them.

Well at this point as there are no plans to build any new hit factor match types with multiple target values you will have to use any workaround you can come up with.