USPSA Match scoring: Failed equipment check - Shoot for no score

We had a match yesterday that including a Chrono stage, had a competitor fail the equipment check, and moved to shooting for no score (was Open and mags too long). The Chrono stage showed the equipment check as FAIL.

In order to remove the scores, I had to go to each stage, edit the stage, select DNF for equipment. Is there a better way to move a shooter to no score? Can this be automatic if the Chrono stage is set as FAIL?


Yes. At the Crono stage you can select the actual Power Factor as “Sub Minor”. That will give competitor Zero scores at all stages.

Also it is a good idea to add the text notes what the in-compliance was.

Generally the app doesn’t make any decisions at the Chrono stage. It is up to RO to specify actual division or actual PF if competitor equipment or ammo does not comply with the rules for his declared division.