USPSA Match on Invalid in USPSA - Can't Upload/Pay

I’m Stats for our club… Lately some of our matches will not upload to the USPSA web site… I get the following message on the USPSA web site:

Invalid Division/Power Factor Combination! Gregory Miller shot PRODUCTION with Major Power Factor. This is not permitted per USPSA rules. Please update the Power factor for this competitor and re-upload to Practiscore, and re-generate a new upload file.

I know what this means and have a question and a solution.

Question: We shoot a lot… I don’t shoot all of our matches, but have trained other Stats people to run those matches… I pay our matches about once a month… Lately I get the above error message when I did not score the match and do not know who did… I can’t fix/update and reload the match because I don’t have the match… Can someone fix this?

Solution: Why does accept a major power setting for PCC and CO? Could you not capture the click event selecting PCC and remove the major selection?

Note: All of these matches are local level 1 matches… The shooters don’t care if their scores are ever posted to the USPSA site… There are no classifiers… We upload and pay for the matches per the USPSA requirements.


Hi John!

Can you please provide the club and match name so that we can check it out?

Also, the other stats person can change it and reupload the scores, and you can reupload them to USPSA.

Are all of your devices running the most recent version of PS?

@John_Beach isn’t it ironic that uspsa doesn’t let you post results and pay fees as they require you? But then shouldn’t that be a responsibility of a person (an MD or stats) who run the match? Or at least they should provide you a copy of the match file for any issues of corrections like that.

Anyhow, as far as I know, the apps don’t allow to enter or modify shooter in minor only divisions with a major pf. Though registration data is imported as is (both web site pin# and csv). Though that is an easy fix in the app.

Hi @John_Beach,

You can actually sort by division on your tablets and check shooter’s PF there. When I was running USPSA matches on a regular basis, I would sort by CO, Prod, and PCC and change anyone that had selected Major and changed them to Minor.

I’ve had a number of shooters over the years register for one gun/division but need to change it the morning of the match. I easily changed in on my master tablet and it worked perfectly when syncing to other tablets.

I have had this happen several times. Shooters sign up online, I download and go to match and check people in, sometimes I have missed it, but Practiscore has the PCC or the Production shooter as major. When I go back to the add shooters list, it is marked correctly and when I save it and go back to the shooter it has changed back to the correct response without me actually changing anything. I have also had to go back and correct after uploading to USPSA. It doesn’t happen alot but it has done this several times on our Mesquite Mayhem USPSA matches.

@mark_chapman please confirm where incorrect Major pf was entered at. The web site or apps?

It seems that it happened to just people that had signed up on line, they checked the correct box, but this would show up after I downloaded the sign ups using the practiscore pin number. I am using Amazon Fires. When I noticed it during sign in, I would go back to edit shooter and everything would be entered right there, so I go back to the check in page and it would be correct then. I have missed a couple of them and had to change either during or right after the match, but a few times I did not catch it and it was submitted to uspsa and then I got the invalid class or division response and would have to go back and correct it on my tablet and re upload. Mark

Checked which box? Anyhow, it seems this is a web site issue.

Think I’ve been able to signup for uspsa/ipsc match without selecting pf. Should be easy to capture the steps required to reproduce this.

This is exactly what happens to us.

I drove out to our range and brought our master tablet home… The matches that had this problem were still in the tablet so I checked them… Most were correct, so I uploaded them again from the tablet and the webfile imported correctly into the USPSA site and I paid for them.

I tried uploading the again before driving out to get our master tablet and they failed… After uploading them again directly from the match tablet, they worked correctly… Not sure why.

One thought… Our range does not have the Internet… We import matches from to a phone, then sync to the master tablet at the range… Then from the master to the stage tablets… We do the reverse at the end of the match posting the scores from a phone.

When I brought the master tablet home, I posted the scores directly from it to… From my home network.

I believe most of the errors came through the web site.

Regardless of which platform the bad powerfactors come through on… Wouldn’t it be better for and Android PractiScore both to limit CO, PCC, and Prod to minor?

Fix it in one place so 550 clubs don’t have issues with it?

I have asked our new Stats people to use the search terms to look for major powerfactors in divisions that only have minor… mainly because it isn’t correct and affects people’s results.

As a note… the 'Prod" search term does not work in Android PractiScore… It would be nice if it did, but it’s not a big deal… Appreciate everything Eugene does… :slight_smile:

recently the USPSA started rejecting matches with incorrect powerfactors, so it cause an additional problem… I couldn’t pay for the matches.

@John_Beach please provide steps to reproduce errors that didn’t come from the web site.

What is “Prod” term?

In the Android app you can change sort shooters by division, then search by “maj”. Can also search by something like “p/maj” or “(p/maj)”. Those all are substrings of the shooter’s name/division.

We search by CO, PCC, and Production… Someone in an earlier post mentioned that Prod worked… It doesn’t… at least in Android PractiScore.

I’m trying to make things simple for the stats guys running matches… example: I showed them how to search for people not registered by searching for ‘!Checked In’ and they just didn’t want to do it.

I tried selecting Major Powerfactor in CO, PCC, and Prod in Android Practiscore… The powerfactor options were… minor… Small Pistol… and Subminor… Subminor is for chrono… not sure what Small Pistol is… However it looks like you can not select Major powerfactor for any of the minor-only divisions… My bad - Sorry.

Eugene - How are you quoting people in this thread?

In Android app searching for “prod” won’t match anything - it is not part of the shooter name/info and also doesn’t match the complete division name.

Matching on division is purposely done for a complete division name. Otherwise you couldn’t filter for “Production” only, it will also match “Production Optics” and “Production Optics Lite” (in ipsc matches).

When people sign up on line using the practiscore registration form and check Production or PCC and farther down the form there are two boxes or buttons that say major and the other says minor, this is the box I was talking about. And yes you can sign up in uspsa without checking pf if who ever built the match and registration form did not make it required to pick one. If you leave it blank and register, then when it is downloaded to the tablet it shows invalid. You can make it required and they have to select one or the other or it will not let them complete the registration. I usually do not make it required.

Invalid pf will give a zero score. That is something that likely will be noticed earlier.