USPSA Match Chrono Stage competitor goes sub-minor what to do?

Had 2 competitors go sub-minor and should have just shown up with no score. Only options I saw list them as DQ’s. Same thing for a competitor who had a big stick too long in Open. Shows DQ and should have been no score.

HI Lee,
Can you share the match and club name with us so we might look at it?
What type of match was this? What match type in PS did you use?
Are you the MD of record?

@Lee_Neel the app does not automatically change competitor to “no score”. The RO has to make this call and change in the app.

On the chrono stage you can select the actual Power Factor as “subminor”. That will zero out all the scores.

OK, thank you! What about some open shooter with a magazine too long for Open?

The chrono stage and it’s results. Power factor…gear check…etc.
Are for informational purposes. Any changes to the shooters must be manually made by the RO, Statistician or MD based on the rule set being used.

Open failed gear check happened to me at USPSA A2 a couple of years ago. Marking me as subminor is the answer I got from PS Support at that time.

Thanks for the replies. I am testing various versions and options to see what happened. It looks like the 3 folks with issues at my match were all marked as DQ’s Equipment Failures which isn’t exactly right.

Yes. What @Thomas_R_Campbell said. Even for Open going for no score - set the “Subminor” PF.

I suppose it could use a better name like “No score” or something, but it is harder to change now.

There is no DQ rule for There is a DNF one for The DNF is essentially give a Zero score for each stage. You can use that, but then there is no real score retain like it would with using “Subminor” PF.

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