USPSA Fixed Time Stage in iOS

I tried to run classifier 09-09 (Lightening and Thunder) a couple of months ago and ran into a problem. We use Ipads and they were using the most recent version available…1.736(1).

The first shooter made all his hits and thus we didn’t need to enter any no penalty mikes. However, the next two shooters had less than 6 hits per target and required no penalty mikes to be entered. The column for no penalty mikes was grayed out and would not allow us to enter any hits. We entered two shooters this way thinking the system just added up the hits and didn’t care about the no penalty mikes. However, on the third shooter it stopped allowing us to continue to enter incomplete scores. Unfortunately, we did not take any pictures of the error messages (it said something like too many incomplete scores).

As a solution I tried to build the stage in the Ipad myself (instead of pulling the classifier from the system) and got the same result. We ended up having to write the scores down by hand and were able to enter the scores in an android device after the match…and then sync those scores back to our apple master. After syncing the scores back to the I-pad, the no penalty mikes that were entered in the android device disappeared, but the total point scores were correct.

We also tried building it on someone’s I-phone and got the same result.

If you download the latest iOS update, this has been fixed.