USPSA Classifier class no longer seen in Competitor

I used to see what class I scored on a USPSA classifier using the Competitor app on IOS. For example, if I shot 42% of the high hit factor, I would see a “C”, and I think it was displayed with a different color.

Did this feature get dropped for some reason? I found it very handy myself.

Feature wasn’t dropped. You need to tell us more, including a specific match and version of the app.

Will do. Thank you.

I don’t see classifier results for me for this match: SEPSA October 2023. The stage was #4, Table Stakes (09-13). My name is Swanson, my hit factor was 3.4483.

What I see on the three lines is:

4: Table Stakes (09-13) 7.4%
5 / 55.65% PL:15.52 Pts:88% 19.4769
A:5 C:2 Time:8.99 HF:3.4483

Also, what do “PL:15.52” and “19.4769” mean?

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I forgot to include the version number. It’s Version 1.2.48

I will have to post the iOS app update to address this issue. Hopefully in the next few days. Thank you for reporting this.

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