Using the PractiScore Log app on iPad

Hello! I am trying to use the PractiScore Log app with my AMG timer. I can connect and pull times, but when I tap the time to enter the log screen, it doesn’t transfer. And when I enter the times manually and click save they just disappear. I am on an iPad. There is no log or chart that I can find, it’s basically working like a display. Any ideas/help would be appreciated.

@Mark_Hoosier sorry I haven’t noticed your question earlier. Somehow it got lost… Hope you have figured it out by now.

So, some iPad users like to have their iPad in the “landscape” mode. Perhaps because that is how the tablet case is made.

Coincidentally the “landscape” mode in the PractiScore Log app is used for a “Large Display” mode where all the log entries are hidden.

Basically you just need to rotate tablet to “portrait” orientation to switch away from the “Large Display”.

The upcoming version 1.2.0 of the app will also have an icon to disable “Large Display” in the “landscape” mode.

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