Using Squad Rotation function on Android

Our typical rotation at our club matches is to drop by two for each stage. We have 5 squads, each of which start the match on their respective stages and then rotate, dropping two shooters to the bottom with each rotation. I tried to automate this by using the squad rotation capability and it works great for some squads and not so great for others. I’m not sure I’m not using it incorrectly or if I’m encountering a bug.

When I build the stages, I specify +0 for Stage 1, +2 for Stage 2, +4 for Stage 3, +6 for Stage 4, and +8 for Stage 5. This seems to work as desired for some of the squads and they love it. Other squads report that it works for a stage or two but then drops by some number other than 2. Am I missing something in how this works?

This squad rotation only works when all tablets are set to the same sort order, e.g. by last name, by registration name, etc.

I assume “random” doesn’t count as a valid sort order for squad rotation?

It can be any order, as long as it is the same on all tablets. The random order can work too as long as random order is not reshuffled on individual tablets (eg. using circular icon next to the order selection option).

But order by time or by HF certainly won’t work.

Thanks @euxx…but it raises one more question I have to ask. Is there a control to disable that reshuffle option? Or do I just have to train everyone to behave?

You do need to train your range officers.

Also, keep in mind that if each squad is starting on a different stage, rotation changes, e.i. if squad 4 starts on stage 4, they already rotated +6, they will rotate +2 on stage 5, but, when moving back to stage 1, they will rotate -8, back to 0.

Yes, understand that–thank you. Just didn’t understand the side effect of sort order/refreshes on individual devices.

I tried this once… I didn’t care for it as it was confusing to me.
Maybe if the sort is determined at the start of the match and the tablets remain on the stage, it would work to our liking…
Meanwhile, we sort once at the start of the match. The squad starts at the top of the list. When they move to the next stage, the 2nd on the list shoots first. Each additional stage, they rotate down one more.
The only exception is when we have a new shooter, we never let them shoot first unless they insist… we want them to come back.

Thank you Eugene for all that you do for PS.

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As rotation and new shooters are always an issue. Any idea when we will be able to to drag and drop specific shooters to positions on the shooting order? As the MD, I often shoot first. New shooters last…etc…etc.

The automatic squad rotation is an option you can enable or disable as needed and it does not have to be used.

Obviously, when you manually changing competitor’s order or always want someone to shoot first, it is not automatic anymore and squad rotation option is not for you.

Currently no ETA. It will be done as part of another large project.

Right now you can use ordering by registration number or use re-shuffle option a few times in a “random” order in a squad to move competitors around.

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