Using "RE-ASSIGN" drops shooters scores

When using the “RE-ASSIGN” feature while entering scores, instead of having an option to re-assign scores to a different shooter, the scores are completely removed and deleted or sent to local score logs.
Using iPad model MF432LL/A with version 9.3.5 (13G36) for IDPA match.
Re-assign dumps scores both before being saved and submitted to PS as well as after.
During a match(before scores were synced back to phone) we attempted to swap scores from one shooter to another on the same squad, scores lost.
I have also attempted to recreate the scenario, but those attempts were after scores were saved and synced back to my phone.

@Sonya_Slezak please provide some context to help us reproduce and address issue.

  • what device and app version you have,
  • what match type.
  • at what point you use reassign (e.g. before scores were saved/accepted or after)

We may also need your match export file in order to reproduce. You can email it with corresponding details to [email protected]