Uploading results to Practiscore.com

At the end of the match we sync all Andriod tablets to the andriod master the post the results…My question is If prior to posting the results we sync the andriod master to a iPad then post the results From the iPad will the security and privacy settings we made when we set up the match on practiscore.com change for any reason.

Hi! If you set up your Ipad properly with all the correct information, the settings on the practiscore website for the club or match shouldn’t change.

Thanks Jalise
Can you help me understand what you mean as we are new to this and I have assured the committee that will ensure privacy and security

The set up is as below

Do we need to set up the app on iPad the same when we up load the results

If you select Private Match it will privatize your match from everyone else. All you’ll need to do is send the registration link with those who shot the match. The rest f the information you selected looks good to me :slight_smile:

Hi Jalise

Thank you so just so I’m clear

1.When we set up the match with the settings in the screen shot above and then use the pin to download the match to an andriod master tablet
2. Then sync the master tablet to other andriod devices
3. Then shoot the match
4. Then sync the tablets back to the andriod master
5. Then upload the results to practiscore.com From the andriod master tablet

At step 5 above when we upload the results do we have to adjust any security and privacy settings in the master tablet ? Or are they set in stone from when we used the pin to download the match to the master tablet?



You shouldn’t have to adjust any security or privacy settings. Everything should have synced together to keep the settings that you wanted.

Thanks Jalice

Thank you

So if I can ask at this stage after we have synced the results back to the master tablet if we then sync the master to another device then upload the results to practiscore.com from that second device then nothing will need to change in settings In the app on that device
Is that correct.?

Next question

If the master tablet was an andriod device and we had to then sync the match to an iPad to upload the results will we need to adjust any privacy and security settings on the iPad app before we uploaded the results or will the settings be as we set Them on practiscore.com

I ask this because we have no internet reception at the range And we want to leave the andriod tablets at the range.but when last squad shoots they will be responsible to sync the andriod tablets to the master. Then if they have an iPhone to sync the master to there app on Their phone , then head home and post results to practiscore.com. I am hoping that they will not need to adjust any setting on the app on their IPhone before uploading the results.
I hope I am clear here.

I don’t think anything would change, but before you post results I would check to make sure all the settings are correct. The settings you have set on practiscore.com will stay the same. If you sync the master to another device, check the settings on the other device to match the master’s.

@Rod_McLean I’d recommend to avoid syncing scores from master device to other scoring tablets and generally try to keep the same master device for the duration of the match.

PS: if I’m not mistaken, the Android app shows current security settings (if match require password or searcheable) on the screen when you post results to PractiScore. You can review and adjust settings there if needed