Updating App Issue

Good Morning,
I set up a USPSA match the other day and some of the new classifiers weren’t listed in the app. I noticed there was an update to the app and went to update. The issue is when the tablets were purchased by the club the individual that set them up used his personal app store login and I can’t update the app without his password. Problem is he passed away in November and I have taken over MD duties. I have my own App store login but even under my login when I try to update the app it asks for his password.
I thought ok I’ll just re-download the app under my login but it just brings up the app to update and his password again. I thought I’ll just delete the app and re-download but haven’t found how to delete yet and would probably need his password anyway.

Do you have any suggestions?

The problem you have is an Apple issue. I imagine that that tablet was originally set up with that gentleman’s email. So you’re going to have to do a total reset on the tablets and then try to get the tablet owned by a different email. This is an Apple issue and I would just suggest googling to find the best fix.

OK Thank You DJ

I just thought of one other thing it could be.
If the ipads are Gen 1 iPad minis. they are old enough that apple has stopped support of them.
If your Tablets are stuck at Operating system 9.5 ish…then they cannot access the app store and are basically locked out.
I have 3 scoring kits that are effectively non upgradable.

I ended up doing a factory reset and started over using the clubs credentials so should have eliminated that problem with updating the app in the future. I still had to use my info on the tablet but should be able to switch users without a problem. The part that sucks is losing all the information on the matches in the tablet but it’s mostly for the auto fill as matches do get uploaded to the web. Just trying to get the tablets setup based on the club and not individuals. I aint gonna live forever either!