Update shooter information in scores

Is it possible to update a shooter’s information after scores are updated? This is for a a match which was created on the tablet, then scores were uploaded to practiscore. There is not a club created.

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  • Ashley

Once you’ve made changes to the match info on the tablet, you can post the results to practiscore.com again and your changes should be reflected on the website.

  • Paul

Yes, can make changes to update a shooters scores on the tablet then repost the results…They will update the existing match. No club necessary.

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Thank you. I do wish I could claim the scores under my club, then update the information on the computer.

if you are logged in you should be able to claim the results to your club.
You may update the info before or after you claim it.

@Ashley_Sullivan you can’t update shooter’s info trough PractiScore web site.

However, if you email the PractiScore match export file to yourself at the end of the match or keep the up to date copy on your tablet or phone - you can make update from your device at any time.