Upcoming Match not showing in Dashboard

I have set up 3 future IDPA matches on Practiscore. They are showing in the “Matches” section on the main page but do not show in the “Upcoming Events” section of my Dashboard nor do they show in the “Find Events” tab. Have I missed something in the match setup?

Matches will only show up in your “Upcoming Events” section on your dashboard if you’ve actually registered for them. Based on your account, there’s no one registered for those matches yet. The matches won’t show under “Find events” either as matches and events are two different things.

Thank you for your quick response.

I agree with you that the “Upcoming Events” section on Dashboard only shows matches that I registered for. That was my bad. I also agree that the “Events” tab at the TOP of the home page will not show Matches. You have to use the Matches tab. But that is not the issue.

The issue is that while the matches do show up in the “Matches” tab at the TOP of the home page, they are not showing in the “Find Events” tab on my Dashboard. There are a number of upcoming matches from clubs i follow showing on the “Find Events” tab just not he ones I set up. (RDS IDPA).

Any clarification would be appreciated.

That’s because you’re an admin and match director and not a regular shooter. It treats you differently.

I looked into your “find events” and there were a couple things going on:

  1. Matches/events from your own club that you don’t “follow” won’t show up on your find events. I hit the “follow” club button and the 3 matches show up under “Events from clubs you are following” now.

  2. The “Events that might interest you” lists only 2-3 weeks worth at a time.

Thank you both for your responses.

Steph_Marie I see that you added RD Shooters to Clubs I Follow and I am now seeing the missing matches.

I was not aware that I had to “Follow” RD Shooters in addition to listing as My Club. At any rate, It is fixed and I appreciate your help.