Understanding export log time units

I’m having trouble understanding time units in the iOS app export logs.

Are there any export options I can apply to make these times more human readable? That wouldn’t be an issue if I understood how to parse the splits field; I’m not sure which numbers in the splits field correspond to each shot.

Would someone please give me a quick education?


Here’s a screenshot of my export log.

@desert_dandy you you aren’t looking at the exported data, but at something Excel messed up badly for you. See this article for more details Importing PractiScore Log CSV export file to Google Sheets and Excel 365

Anyhow, I’m curious why you need to look at the exported data in Excel? The export is mainly for the purpose of a backup of your data, so you can import it back into the app. For the most part it dumps the data as it been loaded from the timer. And the app make all the data look nice for you.

In any case, the times are in 1/100 of a second

@euxx, thanks for confirming that those split times are bogus. I’ll stop trying to crack the code. The splits in the article you linked me to seem crystal clear.

Looks like those odd numbers I’m seeing aren’t just an Excel formatting error, so I’ll try a different timer next time.

I’m a stats nerd and I want to load match data into R or python to make my own plots and run some tests to see if average shooter scores change non-randomly; you know, to see if practicing is actually improving skills with time in a measurable way, or if we’re just putting holes in targets for funzies every weekend.

I also like to keep typed notes for matches to provide historical context for scores, that way when I look at old matches riddled with low outliers, I can give those outliers a tooltip when I hover over them in a plot that say “hungover”, “stumbled”, or “Clark got into my head”.

I kid, I kid.