Unable to view results on the web

You can view the results of this match in the Competitor app, but nothing shows up on the web: https://practiscore.com/results/new/2740a4f3-5b14-48dd-9a07-f5151684ddde .

First thing you should do if the “New Style” results do not show up is to click the Old Style “HTML Results” Button. You will be able to see results there. We will look into this and see what we can do to repair it or have the MD repair it.Currently the match has a bug in the posted results from the tablet that is stopping the new style from working.
Again, Check the HTML results.


I’m having the same issue viewing our match results on the web. I’ve tried the new and old style results and still cannot see them. I’ve also tried to re-post the results from our tablets.


I don’t really know what match to look at. Is it this one from the 19th (yesterday)?
I see it just fine from the web site. If you can’t see it I would start clearing your browser cache.

I’m having the same problem. Asked some others to look and it’s the same thing.

This is what I get.

I am not hooked up to the web or the web site any different way than any other people.
This is using Firefox desktop browser and Chrome mobile plus Apple Safari sees the match also.

Can you look into your network access and network provider?

Must be an Okie thing. :^) Actually my computer also doesn’t display any results and just has a set of circling dots on the results “header”.

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I’m experiencing the same thing as Kirby above. I cannot see any results. I’ve cleared out the browser cache and there’s no difference.


I am experiencing the same thing. I have tried to look at all of my previous match results and all are the same - just the circles. My phone can view the results, but that tiny screen is sub-optimal.


I’m only experiencing problems on Mac devices. My Windows PC works with all browsers. I’m using Safari on my iPad and iPhone.


Experience the Same. Cannot see my results - just circles. Changed Style, used Safari, Chrome in my i phone and Pad…cleared Cache, rebooted, Nothing helps. I am on latest software Release

I turned off ad blocker as well as all anti tracking security for the site. Solved the problem.

Same problem here on both mobile and web. Can’t see any match results new or old. Just the loading circle thing turning…

Everyone here. Try closing Facebook and or not using a facebook link to a match.
Go to the main web page, log in, hit the scores button and search for your match, click the match link and see if it opens.
Please let us know on this thread what you get.

I didn’t change anything on my end, but the score results come right up today.
Thanks. To quote my computer guru…“computers are weird”.

Please refresh your systems. All should be working again.
We will be doing some database work/testing this week and access to results may come and go.


I’m getting results again. I don’t have FB and didn’t change anything. It just started working.

Thanks for your help.