Unable to view results iOS

Forgive me if this has been discussed. I did search first. LOL
I left our scoring IPad out and think unauthorized fingers changed something in the display of results. It is now blank the results page titles end in .pdf (I don’t recall if that’s how they were before.)!

All the other reports display fine. All scores are in there and it synchs to Android OK. (The displays all work on Androids) BUT- after synching to my IPhone, it now has the same unviewable results page.

I’m sure this is a simple setting but I, being a technology challenged old timer, cannot figure out what it is.

A little help please? (Thanks…)

Let me confirm that you have an iPad scoring tablet and Android scoring tablets?
What tablet do you use as a Non-Scoring Master?
Your scoring iPad when viewing results of the one stage it score looks like this?
Which tablet did you sync all the scores into?
I have a lot of questions to help narrow it down!

Yes, IPad and Androids (and Kindles)
IPad is my non scoring master. Only androids are used for actual scoring.
Master IPad is the one pictured. Androids display fine.
All androids are synched to the IPad. I synched the IPad to my IPhone to see how it would look. Blank results. I then synched one Android to IPad. All results complete and displayed on Android.
Ask as many as you have to if it helps us figure this out. LOL

The match is working on my tablet… I will talk with you on PM and see if we can find a solution to post here. :wink:

I have exactly the same problem and so no solution has been offered. The combined scores will not display. I think an update was at fault because my iPad works perfectly for everything else and displays some of the other HTML reports just fine.

I went round and round on this with no solution. I reinstalled the app. Even tried setting the iPad up again from scratch and nothing helped. I have the latest versions of everything so what the hell.

Same when I brought up the issue months ago. I am running iOS 12.4.6 on an iPad mini.

We have a fix for that problem I’m trying to find out right now when it will be live on the App Store for an update.

Currently the fix is included in the nest big web update.
The plus side is that the HTML old style results work great and are still usable.