Unable to view individual stage results for one stage

For this match, I’m unable to view the stage results for stage 3 (Root, Tootin, Shootin).
The other stages display fine, but when selecting this stage, Practiscore fails to refresh the display with this stages results.
This occurs on both my PC and Android device.

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I can’t tell you why it is doing this on the new style results.
But if you click the “old style” results at the bottom of the page you will be able to see it.

We don’t have any web developer time to look at this right now but you can still view it using the other style.

@Matthew_Hess you can try to ask your MD to change that stage name to not have more than one single quote char. There is a glitch on the website that is preventing it to switch stage results.

Removing single quotes from stage name works.
I’ll pass this tip around to my local MDs.
Thanks all!