Unable to upload scores to USPSA

Unable to upload scores from recent steel challenge match to USPSA. Everything looks good (all green no red). When I try to make a file from the match results error message, “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” is shown.

Club: Linden Competitive Shooting Club
Club code: SCSA263
Match Name: LCSC Steel Challenge 061023
Tier 1

Ron McDonald, Match Director

I’m showing red on your squad 6 scores for Roundabout. It looks like there are shooters with only 4 times, not all 5.

I’m also seeing two shooters with the same USPSA/SCSA number.

Which 2 shooters have the same USPSA #?

You and Dominic Desent have the same one.


@Steph_Marie helped you out by looking but you can easily do it yourself by going into the match on the master tablet and using the sort by member number feature under the “edit shooters” section.
Also by reviewing the stages to make sure you have all the scores for all the shooters.
Take a look and see them yourself for future reference.

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Thank You for your assistance. I sorted the players by member # & found my mistake.

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