Unable to set Font size when printing results (scores) from Android/FireOS

To whomever it concerns/to whomever can help us.

We are increasing the use of Practiscore scoring App for our matches, because we see this as the only way into the future.

Therefore, firstly, high praises to all the developers and everyone/anyone working on the project. You are doing an exemplary work and thank you for letting us use your product for free, thus helping us exist (we are a small community and couldn’t afford any additional costs).

Now to the issue we are experiencing. It is related to printing results/match scores. To be more specific, issue is related to (font) size of the printouts which is too small to be readable. We tried first publishing to PDF and printing the PDF independently as well as printing directly to printer (Canon MP495).

Some additional background info:

We are mostly using Kindle Fire 7 (9th gen.) tablets and filling in the blanks with our Android phones and iPhones. The Practiscore version on Kindle and Android is 1.7.10 (202105270437). I can’t check and provide the PS version on iOS devices at the moment.

Android and Kindle is where we have the issue. On iPhone, there is an option, where we can select font size of the results and with that select the size of letters on the printout. But there is no such option on Android ?! - we searched far and wide and couldn’t find such option anywhere.

The problem is, that the iOS version and Android version not only have different options but also treat the data (Divisions) differently (on one type of devices, the divisions are correctly shown only under /View Results/Match scores/By Division, while on the other, they are only shown under /View Results/Class Leaders/division_name) , so we can’t just simply print things from iOS devices…

How can we magnify (zoom in/increase font size) of printed results from Android/FireOS?

Also, we have our divisions named 1-CDP , 2-SSP , 3-ESP, … Could the naming of divisions be the cause that the display of results in Practiscore differs on Android and iOS?

Thank you very much for any assistance you could offer.
Best regards,

@Jernej_Kumer there are a few things to note about printing.

First of all, we recommend to post results to PractiScore web site and let your competitors browse them there or in the PractiScore Competitor app. So, printing support is not an essential feature and is the best could be done with so much effort.

The printing is done mostly using an Android system feature. More specifically print from the web browser. That is where font size selection would be happening. E.g Chrome on desktop does have size selection, but mobile version does not.

Additionally, we have to make it work for small and for large matches, so there isn’t a lot we can can do in regards to guessing font sizes. As a workaround you could share/email your results report to a PC and print from Chrome or other web browser there.

As for other issues, you will need to email us at [email protected] the match export file *.psc and attach screenshots for the issues you noticed, as well as any details that would allow us to reproduce. That will help us to investigate.

EK, hi!

Thank you for your response.

We are only now becoming familiar with the PractiScore web site and are planing to reroute our competitors to apply to our matches via web interface. In time, we will certainly start publishing the results (scores) online as well, but even then, we will still be highly depending on paper results. The locations, where we organize matches, are in off-hand areas, where there is either no or very bad cell coverage. Certainly there is no data transfer capabilities at those locations and the only “public” way to present the results to the shooters (competitors) at the end of match is by printing them and nailing them to the board…

I understand that in the electronic age there is no priority on printing capabilities and we certainly don’t expect you to develop the system just because of our needs. The thing is, that in iOS version, on results screen there are options for font size (see image https://ibb.co/nsPRfhn) and if we would have that option on Android, our problems would have been solved. Is this part of your code, which you could easily copy to Android app?

Or is it a part of an iOS system feature which Android lacks?

Since we are cut of from internet at the aforementioned locations, and if the font sizing part is a part of your code which you could transfer to Android app, we would grately appreciated if it would be done.

As for the second issue I was describing. When I was preparing the match with test data that would provide you with *.psc which would in turn allow you to reproduce the issue, I noticed that the reason for the issues was, that our competitors aren’t awarded classes (in our latest matches we had no calssification system, all competitors were 1 class or better said, no class) and that that is the reason why some reports weren’t working/came out empty (Division/Class report on iOS and Class Leaders on Android).


You know, you don’t have to use PractiScore website for registration in order to post the match results there. Those features are independent from each other and posting results online (really a one button push in the app) will also benefit your competitors after the match.

Actually that is not the only way. You can also set a local wifi with device running PractiScore app and your competitors could sync from that device either to PractiScore or PractiScore Competitor app.

Email your match export file *.psc at [email protected]

But then if it works on iOS why can’t you use that for now?