Unable to generate SCSA Report

Hi, I’m currently unable to generate SCSA reports, I get redirected to a “whoops something went wrong” error page. Tried on chrome and edge, and also on my other windows computer.

https://practiscore.com/results/html/93b513c9-4f9e-48a9-b260-8c541a2a776f are our results link

Thank you very much for all your work!

We will take a look at it when the developers have an open second.
Most likely you have a bad shooter in the mix.
Did you have anyone designated a walk on?

We had a shooter shoot an extra gun the day of, and we had one change divisions, as I had signed him up for the wrong division when I initially signed him up manually. We scored one tablet at a time.

I believe your hunch is probably correct.

Go ahead and try uploading the report from the link below:

GUAM Steel Challenge - 06-26-2022 | PractiScore

You had marked 6 strings on stage 4 instead of 5 like it should be and you also had shooters that didn’t have classifications filled in.

Thank you! Never had an issue with no classifications being filled in, but will not that going forward if they are unclassified.

That might be part of it but most likely the main problem you were having was too many strings and Zero scores on the extra string