Two People in Two countries with the same name and password?

Sorry to do this again but I’m trying to enter my wife in our local club competition. I’ve had difficulty getting into the sight. Can you give me a breakdown of the Susanne Miller’s with an account. We are in Victoria Australia and her history shows a competitor in Bridgeville Rifle And Pistol Club PRS Rimfire Series February 2023

Thank You
Russ Miller

Below is a screenshot of the Bridgeville match and Susan is not in it.
Also is a screen shot of her recent and upcoming matches and Bridgeville is not there.
If you see something different you should clear your cache and if it is still there screenshot it and send it to us.
Shooting accounts do not track by names at all. it is all done via the registered email…
I see no reason in the system that you could not register her in another match as long as you are logged in properly and the match is open and available.