Two of our six Fire Tablets won't upload the update 1.7.28

Two of our six Fire Tablets won’t upload the update 1.7.28.
I received a notice to update a few days ago and proceeded.
Our master tablet and three others updated off Amazon Apps no problem!
On these other two tablets I try the update and I can see the loading bar that says 0% but it never follows thru with the upload.
I know these tablets are conneted to my wifi and I am able to surf the net on them. I even uploaded one of those candy-crush games just to make sure they upload free apps correctly.
I even looked to upload new update off of Google Play. No bueno.
I wen into setting and enabled all permissions. -
Any thoughts and ideas are appreciated. (I don’t own these tablets, they are all bought and registered by our range owner so I cant log into their Amazon acct)


Are you installing from the Amazon app store?
Or these tablets have Google Play side loaded?

For the latter you may need to redo the installation of Google Play and see if that helps.

For the former, I can only suggest to reboot these tablets and also see if there is enough free space on them (uninstall all apps that you don’t need).

If nothing works, you may have to call Amazon product support (don’t mention Google Play to them if you have it installed).

they all said installed from amazon…already called amazon but since these apps were uploaded in my boss’s account they wouldn’t help.

You will need your boss account to do anything…
Check that no system updates are pending on those devices. Also check the system time and time zone is correct.

If you don’t care about the data, you can do a factory reset and try to reinstall everything. But after that you will also need that account to re-register tablet.

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