Two different profiles

I have 2 different profiles in Practiscore. Can they be combined?
Greg Herbert

Hi Greg,
Yes, you sure can. Go into the account that you want to keep as your primary. In the edit settings/profile section there is a place to add an additional email. There you will enter the email of the account we will be getting rid of so any scores under that email will track to the news location. After that log out then log back in on your old account and under the settings/ account, you will go in and delete the account. After all that you will have one account and your old account scores will still track to your new account.

Thank you for the detailed help.

I followed the steps you suggested and it works other than now I have zero mail. I am expecting one on my last match registration, match director said he sent it. My account shows both my new and old email address. Suggestions?

I will need to know the email you are using as your primary.
The email you are currently using here on the support community is not a valid email at this time.
If this was your old email please change it.

I did a little digging and you have two profiles showing. One is blocked and one is not. The blocked one is the one you are trying to use…the one I can see shows all your old past matches using your old email. That account you should have deleted. If you didn’t delete it then this could be the problem. your email is the old one I believe and is the live one.

I get this We don’t have an account with the email provided. You will need to create an account.
When trying to access my old account Can an admin delete it? I added both old and new email address to my @gmail account and I thought I deleted the old one. Can an admin delete it?

I need to look into both email accounts.
I only have [email protected] and the account you are using to communicate here is under that email.
Without both of them I can’t make any determinations.