Two clubs one match

Hello. I am managing two clubs now. Both are organizing the same Steel Challenge match - one is my club/company and other is SCSA club.
Can I add a second club as a organizer somewhere?
Michal, POLAND.

Hi Michael,
A person can be an admin of as many clubs as want their help. All that has to happen is that the club owner or a club admin goes into the club setting to the"admin" section. Then invite a new admin using their practiscore email.
After that you will be set to manage matches for that club.
D. J.

Yes, I know that.
But how can I add second club to already created match?

So you want to shoot the exact same match in two clubs and you want to post the exact same results under two different clubs? OR you just want to shoot a match at one club then the next weekend add to it with a second match at a second club? OR You want two different matches and you want to blend the results into a third “series” type match? OR???
If you could get a bit more precise we can help you.
It’s mostly all doable we just need to know what your exact expectations are.

I want shoot same match with two different clubs. For an example: this saturday we are shooting Steel Challenge match in Poland and two clubs are organizing this match. Both of them, same match.
For now, only club Zapach Prochu is organizing this. I would like to add second club, Steel Shooters Poland.

You can claim the results to both clubs as long as you are an Admin on both clubs.
Click the claim button twice and choose each club.
This way the match will show up in both clubs dashboards.
Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 9.38.18 AM

You could also make the name of the match “Steel Challenge at Zapach Prochu / Steel Shooters Poland” so anyone searching the clubs could find it.

Does this work for you?