Turning on Score Logging for past events

Is there a way through the website to turn on score logging for clubs past events?

Basically, just realized recently that it wasn’t turned on automatically for all of our previous events. I would like to be able to allow our shooters to look up their past events, without having to click on every event to figure out which ones they did.

Most of the past events have since been deleted from the tablets so can’t go back to it, turn it on, then resync it with the website.

Unfortunately there’s not a way to go back and turn them on through the website. You have to do this prior to scores being entered and posted.

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So are you saying, that if you do not see your scores under “recent events” on your dashboard it is because the person loading the scores is not turning on this service? Its not something that I am doing wrong?

@Cory_Rudd the score logs are not related to and not linked with anything you see on the https://practiscore.com/dashboard/home

The score logs has it’s own site and is not linked to PractiScore profiles https://www.practiscore.com/scorelog

The list under “recent matches/events” is based on your registration and the email address being imported into the PS Scoring App. If MD/stats doesn’t include the email addresses in their csv file or they don’t use the pin, the matches won’t show up on the individual competitors dashboard.