Trouble uploading match more than once to correct missed errors

Due to multiple missed errors I had to upload the match scores to PS more than once, but once I finally made all corrections, I could not upload latest results to update that which was showing on PS website under SCORES. I even created a new match on another tablet using “Rev.” in the title to differentiate it from the other, but the scores won’t update after a second posting. I synced the two tablets under a new match heading and tried to upload that hoping it had a new “identifier” and would accept it, but to no avail. I really don’t want to have to create a new 5 stage match and reenter all those scores to post the final version. Ideas please.

Mike, your trouble is most likely due to a stale web browser cache. Clear your web browser cache or use Ctrl-Refresh to see a freshly downloaded pages with your match results after uploading them from the app.

If you’d like someone to take a closer look at your issue, you’ll need to provide a link to your match results.

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Just checked again and it has been updated. Guess I just had to keep checking for it to update.

There is some latency on the web site in addition to your web browser cache. Hitting a Ctrl-Refresh helps with the latter. You can also check the HTML version of results. I think those might be updated faster.