Time Plus with optional, unlimited reshoots and no squads

Hello team PS, and the PS community, :wave:

Just wanted to share our experience from Burgundy in the east of France, last weekend.

We ran this match [Fun Tir Chagnotin 2023 | PractiScore] (Fun Tir Chagnotin 2023 | PractiScore) with a weatherproof router/repeater to give stable wifi range-wide.

Competitors would buy in for a given division to shoot all stages once then purchase reshoot tokens to have extra runs as they wished

It was up to score keepers at each stage to reset/edit scores for reshoots and then restore the best time for results

For a free form 6 stage match with 100 participants over two days, we did OK!

:signal_strength:Dedicated, secure network for the match worked well
:white_check_mark:Bluetooth link from AMG timer to iPad was so helpful for accurate data entry and showing time cost of extra shots.
:question:Scoring cell phones would often be greyed-out known devices on sync page, as I believe it became invisible for pull sync from the master once locked to turn off the screen and save battery %
:white_check_mark:pull sync from master to scoring devices (mix of android and iOS phones and tablets) to refresh checkins and shooter list
:white_check_mark:pull sync from 6 scoring devices to master to update scores
:white_check_mark:frequent uploads from master to practiscore.com for quasi-live results

:white_check_mark:Practiscore app and the website are as advertised accuracy, transparency, security :+1:

Our main issues were data entry errors:
:arrow_right_hook:selecting the wrong line when a competitor was shooting more than one division
:arrow_right_hook:spelling errors (French names can have accents on letters (é, î, etc.) - slows down finding a shooter via the :mag: search in Enter Scores/Select a Stage/[list of shooters]

:question:could we buy a roll of stickers with unique QR codes that would link to each competitor (they would be assigned at registration/gun check) and then read them at the stage with the scoring device to pull up the correct shooter when entering scores?

:question:I did not really think about this ahead of time but not enabling Score Logging to scorelogs.practiscore.com, instead pushing via View Results/Post to practiscore.com was the better option as otherwise a new email is sent every time there is a reshoot? Possibly confusing for shooters but, on the other hand, would offer more transparency and a record of each run?

That’s the main source of errors - when an exhausted RO fails to restore the best time for a shooter! (I’m the guilty RO…)

:question:How frequently do the practiscore.com servers refresh to show updated results pushed from the PS app?
:question:Could time zones or site traffic (lots of simultaneous visits to a match in progress) cause delays?

:bulb:Next time we might run it as an ‘Action steel’ with 2 strings per stage and use drop the worst run option, eliminating best score restore errors. It would be fun to have the option of setting ‘best string only’ for stage scores.

All the best :slightly_smiling_face:

1.Scoring device screens must be ON to sync.
2. QR code scanning is not integrated.
3. Score logging option is up to you.
4. The Servers update virtually immediately but it’s usually a minute or two before you see it.
5. Time zones and site traffic does not cause delays. Most delays are normally from bad network connections or slow networks.
I would suggest that you just try different match types and run test matches within your own tablets to see what you think will work for you.

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Thanks for the feedback - I appreciate it and all the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep improving PS - we think it is great!