Time Plus Points Stage Weighting for Run & Gun on Android

Hi - I am doing a Run and Gun with Android tablets, so can’t use the Run and Gun sub-type. I wanted to pressure test here to see if my strategy will work.

We have 5 shooting stages plus the run time (less wait time) with overall score being 50% of total shooting stage points and 50% total run time (less wait time).

Using time plus points:

Set 5 stages as shooting at 100 points each giving a total of 500 shooting points.
Set 1 stage as the run at a total of 500 points. Have a bonus equal to 1 second to input wait time (2 min wait time = 120 bonus).
Total of 1000 points with half for shooting and half for run.

I realize I have to convert run time and wait time to seconds.
I also realize posted results won’t show total point for shooting, just by stage. I think that is an okay tradeoff to keep all scoring on the tablets.

Does this make sense? Anything I am missing with this approach? Also, any better suggestions with Android tablets. IOS is not an option at this time.

For the timeplus with points match you can track the run and wait times on paper.
Then add a “raw points” stage or multiple stages for the manually calculated run points.

It’s not necessarily a bad way to do it. But as Eugene said hand calculating the time would be more accurate. Any Regular R&G shooters might need to have it explained to them based on what they are used to.
I would suggest running some sample matches at your desk to see if it will do what you expect.

Thanks both. Yes, wait times will be on a card turned in by runners and logged into excel with final run times. Excel can convert to seconds to be loaded into PS. I wanted to do the wait time as a bonus (reduction) from the run time so we have transparency and also nice to see it for improvement on flow the next year.

I am going to pull down scores from an event I attended and recreation in this fashion and see what happens.

Our match went off very well. Very long story short I did the shooting stages in PS as time plus points. Run was manually tracked on paper and shooter carried a wait time card they turned in. Run portion was then all calculated in excel, less wait time and converted to points. I used Bluetooth to share the zipped html results to the laptop from the master and pasted into different tabs for each stage and overall. The most tedious part aside from the manual entries was converting all the DNf’s on stages to the par time so I could subract the shooting time from the overall time to support run time. (Run time = overall time - wait time - stage shooting time). A lot of vlookup magic and I was able to get final scores (50/50 run pts and overall shooting). Was very time consuming but I was able to replicate what I would have gotten with all iPads. Adding the run as an additional stage, even weighted didn’t seem to net the same results so I skipped putting the run on the tablets altogether.

You might consider reaching out to a few of the R&G match directors (Matt Stennett, Allen Carmical) who have iPad kits and see if you can borrow/rent them. What you did sounds way to difficult.

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