Tie Breaker Stage, Times vs Number of Hits, PRS Long Range Rifle + Skills Match

Reference “PRS Long Range Rifle + Skills” type of match:
On tie breaker stages a time is entered for each competitor, but I haven’t been able to figure out a way to automatically sort the shooters to make sure the system gives credit to the highest number of HITS, THEN FASTEST TIME when it applies the results into the COMBINED overall positioning of shooters for TOTAL match standings. Am I missing a function button somewhere?
If you look at JUST the STAGE, it applies the number of hits first to rank order the shooters on that stage, but in the OVERALL STANDINGS for the match, it changes logic and only looks at the TIMES and does not properly sort the ties within the standings to give prevalence to shooters with a higher number of HITS on the tie breaker stage.
Thank you!

I’m not sure what is the question here. The tie breaker stage is used to break ties in the overall standings.

Though if you think you found an issue, please send an email at [email protected] and attach the PractiScore match export *.psc file along with detailed description of the issue. Also helps to link the corresponding rules reference and your own scores calculations where applicable to a given issue.

@Mark_Masters you have to have the stage marked as a skills stage.

Without it being marked as a skills stage, it will use time only. But when marked as skills stage as well, it will do overall points, then points on skills stage, then time.

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Thank you, Levi! I appreciate it.